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02/10/10 11:12 AM #1    

Ernie Boyd

Welcome to the Tascosa High School Class Of 1980 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/16/10 12:35 PM #2    

Lynn Tillotson (Welch)

Hey where is price hale?

02/24/10 02:50 PM #3    

Ernie Boyd

Hi Lynn. Price does not show up on our graduation list or in the annual. We cross referenced both as well as the memebers of the FB group when entering the names for the website. Was he indded in our class?

02/27/10 12:29 PM #4    

Rocky Thurman

Is there any way that we could put up some kind of obit for the classmates that we've lost?

03/22/10 11:08 PM #5    

Lee Gerhardt (Gerhardt)

Hey guys. I heard Price was a Psych-something in the DFW area. I'd love to catch up with him too. Last time I saw him was at his med school in Galveston in 1986.

03/25/10 01:15 AM #6    

Rhoda Pyeatt (Isgrigs)

Did Price graduate a year early? I thought I saw him as a senior in 1979. Not sure...

04/01/10 07:10 PM #7    

Danny South

Hello, Price actually graduated our Sophomore year.

Super good guy.

04/11/10 03:59 AM #8    

Julie Slife (Huffman)

I am remembering Price not graduating at all! He left after his junior year and lived in Germany awhile--maybe to learn the language? I recall Tim Ritter and I sending him a care package of chips and hot sauce. Upon his return to the States he attended Texas Tech---I think---wow! This is really stretching my "remember-er"! I believe at one time he was living in Plano.

04/11/10 09:25 PM #9    

Charles Nobles

Price dropped out of THS to take the GED so he could enter medical school a year earlier. So he "technically" didn't graduate with THS.

05/09/10 07:30 PM #10    

Danny South

Mrs. Jean McGhee our Social Studies teacher @ THS passed away Thursday, May 6th.

I have fond memories of this Lady.



06/15/10 04:42 PM #11    

Lee Gerhardt (Gerhardt)

Does anybody know if Carla Optebeke (Thurman) still lives in Amarillo?

07/16/10 12:15 PM #12    

Rocky Thurman

If you guys are looking for Michelle Craddock I saw in a paper on a random trip to Dallas a few years ago that the Married a guy that owns a Bentley dealership in the area...that shouldn't be too hard to find if someone feels like making a couple of phone calls.

Terri Brown married Gary Clark. He graduated from AHS in 78 I believe. Might look at thier website and see if he was found.

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